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Jackpot Affiliates permits participation as one of the best affiliates is solid and reliable, and offers the most astounding change rates and income share on the accompanying terms and conditions. You should read these terms of membership precisely before partaking in the program. At once entered, your enrollments then these terms and conditions constitute a legitimate and enforceable contract amongst you and Jackpot Affiliates by the agreement. Enroll to the program you consent to these terms and conditions. Through enrollment at www.jackpotaffiliates.co.uk, the record director will supply you with the simple best imaginative flags, joins, and inventive instruments to bring you ideal transformation rates. In the event that you don't consent to these terms and conditions, you should get in touch with us to close your record instantly and expel any connects to our site.


1.1 The accompanying definitions apply to this Agreement:

Member: any individual partaking in the Program as per these Terms and Conditions or generally as concurred with Jackpot Affiliates.

Member Panel: the intranet utilized by Jackpot Affiliates to control the Program and by Affiliates to take an interest in the Program.

Understanding: the Application Form and these Terms and Conditions.

Material Law: all relevant law and control, including the Data Protection Act 1998, Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000, the Electronic Commerce (EC Directive) Regulations 2002, the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, the Broadcast and Non-Broadcast CAP Codes and any guidelines, direction or directions issued by the Information Commissioner's Office, the Advertising Standards Authority, the Office of Fair Trading or the Gambling Commission.

Application Form: the site application frame finished by you in application for support in the Program, and to which these Terms and Conditions are connected.

Commission: has the importance set out in condition 8.

Licensed innovation Rights: all copyright and related rights, licenses, rights to developments, utility models, trademarks, benefit marks, exchange, business and space names, rights in exchange dress or get-up, rights in altruism or to sue for going off, out of line rivalry rights, rights in plans, rights in PC programming, database right, geography rights, moral rights, rights in classified data (counting know-how and prized formulas) and some other licensed innovation rights, for each situation whether enlisted or unregistered and including all applications for and establishments or augmentations of such rights, and all comparable or identical rights or types of assurance.

Connections: a hypertext reference connects to Our Website.

Materials: the promoting materials (counting flags, content and pictures) which we give or make accessible to you every once in a while.

Net Revenue: in regard of every time of play by each Referred Player, the estimation of the opening parity of that Referred Player's record, less: any assets exchanged out; the end adjust of that Referred Player's sans record wagers; rewards; returned exchanges and chargeback’s; expenses payable to outsiders; Jackpot protection; other reasonable esteem modifications; permit expenses; installment costs; charges; obligations; awful obligations; and misfortunes because of misrepresentation.

Our Websites: the sites recorded at https://www.jackpotaffiliates.co.uk

Player: a man who we allow to open a record on Our Website and play recreations on Our Website for cash.

Alluded Player: a Player who has been alluded to Our Website by following a

“Applicable Regulations” means (i) Consumer Protection Legislation: (ii) any present or future applicable code of practice or adjudication of the Committee of Advertising Practice or the Advertising Standards Authority; (iii) any present or future applicable code of practice of the Gambling Commission, including the LCCP; and (iv) any other laws, statutes and regulations which are applicable to Jumpman Gaming or the Affiliate, from time to time in force;


Confined Territories: Algeria, Angola, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Belize, Benin, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana, Brunei Darussalam, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Central African Republic, China, Colombia, Congo, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cyprus, Cuba, Denmark, Djibouti, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, France, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Greece, Haiti, Israel, Italy, Islamic Republic of Iran, Jamaica, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lebanon, Liberia, Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, Lithuania, Malawi, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nepal, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Swaziland, Syrian Arab Republic, Taiwan, Province Of China, Tajikistan, Thailand, Tokelau, Trinidad And Tobago, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United States, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Zambia and whatever other regions which we tell to you.

Sub Affiliates: any Affiliate which you acquaint with the Program as per this Agreement.

1.1 Your Website: any sites, applications or messages worked by you which contain a Link.

1.2 A man incorporates a characteristic individual, corporate or unincorporated body.

1.3 Unless the setting generally requires, words in the particular incorporate the plural and in the plural incorporate the solitary.

1.4 The words incorporate and including (or comparative) will be esteemed to have the words without impediment after them.


2.1 Your interest in the Program is liable to our endorsement. On the off chance that we dismiss your Application, this Agreement will instantly end. On the off chance that rejected, you may resubmit an updated Application by reaching us by means of our email: [email protected]

2.2 If your Application Form is acknowledged, this Agreement will stay in compel.

2.3 We may alter the terms of this Agreement on notice to you (counting by see posted on Our Website or on the Affiliate Panel). Your proceeded with investment in the Program (counting by the non-expulsion of Links) will constitute your consent to such change. On the off chance that you don't concur with any alterations, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us and we will close your record according to end proviso 14.

2.4 You should keep your secret word private. We are not obligated for any misfortunes or harm endured by you due the revelation or disclosure of your secret key. We are qualified for accept that any utilization of your record is made by you.


3.1 We allow you a non-selective, non-sub licensable, non-transferable, around the world, revocable, eminence free permit for you to utilize the Materials on Your Website to allude Players to Our Website as per the terms of this Agreement.


4.1 We will utilize every sensible undertaking to:

4.1.1 Enroll and track any Referred Players 

4.1.2 Track any Referred Player's utilization of Our Website, including the measure of their rewards and misfortunes; and

4.1.3 Give access to the Affiliate Panel 

4.2 We may keep any individual from playing amusements on Our Websites and close any individual's client account whenever and for any reason, and we may force any conditions or limitations we consider fitting any individual's utilization of Our Websites.

4.3 We will pay any Commissions not subject of a real debate as per the terms of this Agreement.


5.1 You will:

5.1.1 Utilize sensible undertakings to elude Players to Our Websites;

5.1.2 Just utilize the Materials to elude Players to Our Websites or generally advance Our Websites;

5.1.3 Stay up with the latest;

5.1.4 Legitimately keep up and stay up with the latest any Links on Your Website;

5.1.5 Expel any Materials or Links on Your Website when practicable after any demand from us to do as such;

5.1.6 Not modify or change any Materials in any capacity; and

5.1.7 Restore any Commission paid to you in blunder.

5.2 Comply with all Applicable Regulations 


6.1 You will follow:

6.1.1 Any sets of principles we issue now and again; and

6.1.2 All Applicable Law.

6.2 You won't advance Our Websites in any of the Restricted Territories and you will square access to Your Website from any IP addresses in any Restricted Territories.

6.3 You won't utilize:

6.3.1 Spam or spontaneous email or area name hunching down.

6.3.2 Techniques for affecting an internet searcher's activity in rupture of that web crawler's terms of utilization;

6.3.3 robots (other than hyperlink checkers), programming copying, constrained snaps, programmed openings of sites, programmed treat dropping or treat stuffing; or

6.3.4 Hacking, PC infections, spyware, adware, malware or vindictive programming code.

6.4 You won't cause or endeavor to:

6.4.1 control or subvert the activity of the Program, Our Website or any offers or advancements we set aside a few minutes to time (counting by going about as a Referred Player or requesting individuals associated with you to go about as Referred Players);

6.4.2 Meddle with any framework for following Players or for ascertaining or paying Commission;

6.4.3 Get installments under this Agreement other than genuine Commissions.

6.5 You are exclusively in charge of any data or substance on Your Website. Your Website won't contain, convey or advance any data or substance which:

6.5.1 Encroaches any protected innovation rights;

6.5.2 We consider being:

(a) Derogatory or defamatory;

(b) Indecent or obscene;

(c) Injurious;

(d) Brutal or extremist;

(e) Untrustworthy or fake;

(f) Disregarding any Applicable Law; or

(g) Generally shocking.

6.6 Affiliates, representatives, or their Relatives are not qualified to end up storing players through their own offshoot interface (you/they can do as such by joining to any Jackpot Affiliate mark specifically).


Note: Please connect with us on [email protected], on the off chance that you wish to examine the utilization of a PPC advertising practice that you accept will encroach the provisions set around here in 7.1-7.3. We perceive that a few associates may wish to utilize our trademarks in PPC and in this manner, at our sole watchfulness we may adjust a concession to a case by case premise where authorization has been looked for by the partner and consented to in composing. On the off chance that authorization isn't looked for and consented to in composing, area 7 will be entirely upheld.

7.1 In connection to PPC and catchphrase offering it is thus clarified that you may not promote (make use in any web crawler advertisements) or buy or enlist watchwords, scan terms or different identifiers for use in any internet searcher, entrance, supported publicizing administration or other pursuit or referral benefit, which are indistinguishable or like any of the Company's or its offshoots trademarks or exchange names every now and then,

Or on the other hand any word like the name of the Sites and every single other webpage or applications claimed or worked by any substance inside the Company's gathering (all things considered the "Gathering Websites"). Likewise you will exclude watchwords in PPC publicizing which are indistinguishable or like any Jackpot Affiliates sites trademarks or exchange names.

7.2 Where offering on watchwords with a wide match identified with spaces, the negative catchphrase office is utilized.

7.3 We effectively screen for encroachment of these catchphrases on the different PPC stages. Any members observed to utilize these rejected Keywords will have their records shut and supports relinquished.

7.4 It is your commitment to guarantee that commercials are not misdirecting at all and agree to the UK Gambling Commission's rules. Any promotion under which a client is offered preference - i.e. reward cash over a store - should obviously set out every single critical term subject to which the advantage is being advertised. These must be shown on the advert itself, or if space limitations block such introduction, e.g. on a standard advertisement, the T&Cs must be unmistakable a single tick away.

7.5 The organization does not endure the utilization of spontaneous 'spam' to advance any Jackpot Affiliates Brands. You won't advertise any Jackpot Affiliates brand to any mailing list which you have not manufactured yourself. If it's not too much trouble know we screen mailings by means of an arrangement of seeded mail addresses over various distinctive destinations and systems. On the off chance that we see spontaneous mailings to these addresses, your record will be shut and any profit got from those mailings will be relinquished.


8.1 We will pay Commission equivalent to 25% of the benefit got from The Affiliates Referred Players. Benefit is determined in the accompanying way:

Stores (buys), Less Payout, Less POC Tax, Less Admin charges, Also Adjustments

Where Adjustments may incorporate negative sums for chargeback’s and gaming charges.

While 25% is the default rate setup when a record is made, we maintain all authority to expand/diminish commission whenever. We may likewise tailor singular commission structures when asked for by offshoots at our sole circumspection.

8.2 We may withhold any Commission we sensibly suspect to have been produced other than as per this Agreement or any break of any our terms relevant to the utilization of Our Websites or the playing of any diversions on Our Websites every now and then.

8.3 Subject to the terms spread out in segment 9, Commission earned in each schedule month will be paid amid the accompanying date-book month on receipt of a receipt from The Affiliate to The Company as spread out in Clause 9.4.

8.4 Jackpot Affiliates works a no negative extend arrangement, yet maintains all authority to return to this with Affiliates in excellent conditions.

8.5 The Company or its assigned deputy's estimations and figurines in connection to the quantity of players that were alluded through your Affiliate account and the benefits from players will not be available to survey or claim. You recognize and concur that: (I) disparities may happen concerning the count of the quantity of players alluded through cell phones, and you postpone any or all cases against The Company or its assigned deputy in such manner, and (ii) you won't be paid any installments as for blocked players or players that were not quickly checked as per appropriate administrative necessities.

8.6 For the situation of Termination (Clause 15) no further commissions will be owed to or accumulated by the partner.


9.1 Jackpot Affiliates offers least edge sum for your receipt. It is admissible to receipt for various months in the event that you'd rather given the measure of profit a chance to move over to the extra months, subject to the terms of provision 9.1.1.

9.1.1. Demand for installment of a given month must be made inside the downtime cluster. Any profit not asked for inside the downtime of installment due of the month's end they happened, at that point the commissions from that period won't be payable by the Company and are relinquished by the Affiliate.

9.2 We will give a duplicate of this Agreement to HMRC in the event that they ask for documentation with respect to VAT installments.

9.3 You should inform us instantly on the off chance that you:

9.3.1 Stop being enrolled for VAT;

9.3.2 Transfer your business as a going concern; or

9.3.3 Become enrolled under another VAT number.

9.4 The Payment Requests have to make in UK GBP Sterling, on the receipt with both The Affiliate's contact subtle entities and address. The receipt must be made out to:

Jackpot Affiliates (with full address with clarity, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us).

9.4.4. The onus to assert installment is on the Affiliate. The Company will react rapidly to any solicitations and solicitations for installment made to [email protected], however won't consequently pay any expenses to The Affiliate without the demand being made by The Affiliate.

9.5 The Company will have the privilege to withhold forever and additionally recoup any commission installments or referral expenses due or paid to the Affiliate because of movement not produced utilizing acknowledged Internet promoting hones or because of fake action by the Affiliate or the Linked Player, paying little respect to whether hurt is so caused to the Jackpot Affiliates Brands. Our choice in such manner will be last. 

9.6 The Affiliate will be in charge of installment of all assessments due under any appropriate law on commission installments and referral expenses made to it by The Company.

9.7 The Affiliate will be in charge of any exchange expenses from PayPal or any universal exchange outside of the UK.

9.8 In all issues of installment, The Company's choice is last.


10.1 In this provision, Confidential Information: implies any data that is plainly marked or distinguished as classified or should sensibly be dealt with as being secret. Secret Information rejects any data which:

10.1.1 Is or turns out to be freely known other than through a rupture of this Agreement;

10.1.2 Is required to be revealed by law, by any court of skilled locale or by any administrative or authoritative body.

10.2 You will hold our Confidential Information in certainty and not make our Confidential Information accessible to any outsider except if:

10.2.1 That outsider is liable to a proportionate obligation of privacy; and

10.2.2 We have given our earlier composed assent.

10.3 You won't utilize our Confidential Information for any reason other than the execution of this Agreement.

10.4 This proviso 10 will survive end of this Agreement for a limited time period.


11.1 By entering this Agreement, you speak to, warrant and attempt that:

11.1.1 You have full power and specialist to go into this Agreement and are acting or your own particular advantage;

11.1.2 You will play out this Agreement with sensible expertise and mind and as per great industry hone;

11.1.3 You are and will be in charge of consistence with all Applicable Law identifying with Your Website and the execution of your commitments under this Agreement;

11.1.4 You are exclusively in charge of and responsible for Your Website, including:

(a) Its improvement, upkeep and task;

(b) Any of its substance;

(c) Any advances it utilizes; and

(d) The methods by which others can get to it; regardless of whether specialist co-ops assist you with operating Your Website.

11.1.5 Any data on Your Website is precise, a la mode, entire and non-deluding;

11.1.6 You claim or have the privilege to utilize any substance on Your Website and none of that substance encroaches the Intellectual Property Rights of any outsider; and

11.1.7 You won't do anything or preclude to do anything which would make us be in break of our own commitments under Applicable Law.

11.2 If you break any of the terms of this Agreement you will repay, shield and hold us safe, from and against any cases, costs, harms, misfortunes, liabilities and costs (counting lawful expenses) that we endure.


12.1 Capitalized phrases utilized in this statement 12 have the implications credited to them in the Data Protection Act 1998 (the DPA).

12.2 You should agree to the DPA. In the event that you go about as our Data Processor, you will:

12.2.1 Just Process Personal Data as per our unequivocal directions;

12.2.2 Take fitting specialized and authoritative measures against:

(a) The unapproved or unlawful handling of Personal Data; and

(b) The incidental misfortune or harm to Personal Data;

As important to guarantee our consistence with the seventh information security standard of the DPA; and

12.2.3 Inform us quickly if:

(a) You presume any Personal Data Processed under the Agreement has been lost, decimated or adulterated, or on the off chance that you speculate any Personal Data has been processed in break of the DPA;

(b) You end up mindful of any dissension (or conceivable grumbling) about the Processing of Personal Data under the Agreement; or

(c) A Data Subject solicitations revelation of his or her Personal Data; and

12.2.4 not exchange the Personal Data outside the European Economic Area without our earlier composed assent.


13.1 This condition sets out our whole budgetary risk (counting any obligation for the demonstrations or oversights of our representatives, specialists and sub-temporary workers) to you emerging:

13.1.1 under or regarding this Agreement; or

13.1.2 in regard of any portrayal, distortion (regardless of whether pure or careless), articulation or tortuous act or oversight (counting carelessness) emerging under or regarding this Agreement.

13.2 Nothing in this Agreement avoids our obligation:

13.2.1 for death or individual damage caused by Jackpot Affiliates carelessness;

13.2.2 for extortion, deceitful deception or fake misquote; or

13.2.3 any statutory risk not fit for restriction.

13.3 We won't be subject whether in tort (counting for carelessness or rupture of statutory obligation), contract, distortion (regardless of whether honest or careless), compensation or generally for any loss of benefits, loss of business, consumption of generosity as well as comparable misfortunes or misfortune or debasement of information or data, or unadulterated monetary misfortune, or for any uncommon, backhanded or noteworthy misfortune costs, harms, charges or costs anyway emerging under this Agreement.

13.4 Our aggregate total obligation in contract, tort (counting carelessness or rupture of statutory obligation), deception (regardless of whether pure or careless), compensation or something else, emerging regarding the execution or pondered execution of this Agreement will be constrained to the aggregate Commission gotten by You under this Agreement in the a year time frame going before the date on which the claim emerged.


14.1 The Program is given as is minus all potential limitations degree passable by relevant law. We repudiate all guarantees and conditions express or inferred, including, yet not constrained to, suggested guarantees of palatable quality and readiness for a specific reason, in connection to the Program, its utilization and the aftereffects of such utilize. We particularly renounce any guarantee:

14.1.1 that the Program and their accessibility will be continuous or blunder free;

14.1.2 that imperfections will be rectified;

14.1.3 that there are no infections or other hurtful parts;

14.1.4 that the security strategies utilized will be adequate;

14.1.5 with respect to rightness, precision, or unwavering quality.

14.2 All guarantees, portrayals, conditions and every other term of any sort at all suggested by statute or custom-based law are barred from this Agreement minus all potential limitations degree allowed by relevant law.

15. END

15.1 Either gathering may end this Agreement whenever by giving notification of end.

15.2 On end:

15.3 you will promptly expel all Materials and Links from Your Website; and

15.4 all licenses allowed by us under this Agreement will promptly end.

15.5 The partner must receipt for any last income owed preceding the end date subject to statement inside characterized day and age of the pink slip or all profit will be inevitable.

15.6 Termination by either gathering will mean a conclusion to any future income or pay for the partners players alluded by the associate from the date the pink slip sets out.

15.7 Any end is without partiality to either gathering's collected rights or cures.


16.1 Good Faith: You will act towards us with great confidence constantly.

16.2 No Partnership or Agency: Nothing in this understanding will be esteemed to build up any association or joint wander, constitute any gathering the operator of another gathering, or approve any gathering to make cases or portrayals, or go into any duties for or in the interest of some other gathering.

16.3 Waiver: Our waiver of any directly under this Agreement is just successful on the off chance that it is in composing and marked by our approved delegate.

16.4 Severance: If any arrangement (or part of an arrangement) of this Agreement is observed to be invalid, unenforceable or unlawful, alternate arrangements (or parts of any arrangements) will stay in compel.

16.5 Remedies: Our rights and cures gave under this assertions are notwithstanding, and not select of, any of our rights or cures given by law.

16.6 Entire Agreement: This Agreement constitutes the entire assertions between the gatherings and supersedes any past understanding between them. You recognize that in going into this Agreement you have not depended on, and will have no cures in regard of, any announcement, portrayal, confirmation or guarantee (regardless of whether made honestly or carelessly) that isn't set out in this Agreement.

16.7 Variation: Save as set out in proviso 2.3, no variety of this Agreement will be compelling except if made in composing and marked by the approved delegate of each gathering.

16.8 Assignment: You won't allocate, exchange, charge, subcontract or arrangement in some other way with any of your rights or commitments under this Agreement, without our earlier composed assent.

16.9 Third Party Rights: This Agreement does not present any rights on any individual or gathering in accordance with the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

16.10 Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This Agreement will be administered by, and interpreted as per, the laws of England and the gatherings permanently submit to the selective ward of the English Courts.

16.11 We claim all authority to refresh this understanding whenever by method for refreshing this page.